Markdown Meta Data

Good Gen, 2021-04-04
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ggpy supports Markdown meta headers at the beginning of each file, e.g. for this document:

title: Markdown Meta Data
description: Meta data format and supported options
date: 2021-04-04T18:59:03Z
tags: documentation

`ggpy` supports Markdown meta headers [...]

Tags may be separated by commas or with a separate key, spaces are ignored, e.g.:

tags: topic, other
tags: __draft__

...produces three tags topic, other and __draft__

Meta Keys

All keys are optional:

Key Description
title Document title
description Short description or summary of the document
date Creation date of the document
tags List of tags. Some tags may have special effects (see below). This key may be used multiple times (see example above).

Special Tags

Special tags may be used to configure ggpy's behavior. Such tags always start and end with double underscore (__, also called "dunder" in the Python world):

Tag Description/Effect
__draft__ Marks a document as "draft". Drafts are not included in the generated sitemap or index
__index__ Document should be an index of all documents. Other markdown content of the file is then ignored, not rendered
__inline__ Inline document in the index generated with __index__. Absolute links for images are advised, to not break rendering in the index and as a separate document.
__no_meta__ Don't render machine-readable meta data for social media etc.
__no_header__ Omit the page header with site icon, title headline, author and date
__no_footer__ Omit the page footer with navigation, theme control and social links