Hello World, Hello New Blog!

oz, 2017-01-07

I'm Oliver and this is my personal blog about:

  1. Time
    It's sometimes in the name. Also it is the only resource there is and we are chronically out of it.
  2. Life
    Tied closely to 1.
  3. Design
    What I like, what I dislike, what I learned. This will probably involve some Lego.
  4. Technology and Software Engineering
    That is what I do for a living.
  5. Zen
    Starts with Z, too.

This post will serve me as a reference, so expect to see weird things below this line:

Tables work just fine
for real yep yeah.
def python():
    return "does as well!"

Let there be...


Various inline highlighting works too!

This is so smart.

Images with alt work!

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Other footnote 2.

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