The Joy of Lego as an Adult

oz, 2017-01-08
design, lego

I think most people having access to Lego in their childhood can relate to this: At some point you have built it all, you get your first computer and suddenly you are wondering why you are still bringing this box of colorful bricks everytime you relocate.

In 2016 I bought my first Lego set after a long hiatus. WALL-E set me back 50 € (and another 50 € for the motors - yes, I was ambitious). They say you should rather invest in experiences instead of stuff. I wholeheartedly agree! Those 50 € did not buy me a box of bricks. They bought me 1.5 hours of pure joy: How the rounded pieces fit into the square ones, how vertical accents spanned multiple horizontal layers, how rubber parts interact with ABS plastic, how known bricks locked with new design elements etc.

Eventually I bought other sets, completely redesigned the rear of my WALL-E to support a "battery backpack" alongside motors and the infrared control, created a tablet/smartphone stand, envisioned a drone carrier from simple design bricks, built multiple Pokemon within the constraints of one set and enjoyed all the possibilities with the new design and joint/hinge elements.

In the next posts I will write about: