Fixing the Middle Trackpoint Button on Old Thinkpad Keyboards

oz, 2019-02-24

So far, I worked with two ThinkPads:

The hardware is still suitable for modern-day software development work and I have yet to find a better typing experience on a laptop keyboard!

Some time ago, I broke one bolt keeping the middle trackpoint button of the X220 keyboard in place. This resulted in an unpleasant scrolling experience.

When trying to remove the button to further investigate and fix the issue (no repair manual was consulted ☹), I broke the other bolt.

Middle trackpoint button hinges

Isolation tape to the rescue!

The solution was straightforward:

  1. Push the hooks into the hook catchers, ensure the button rubber does not dislocate
  2. Cut a strip of isolation tape in half
  3. Attach the tape to the button and wrap it around to the backside of the keyboard, firmly
  4. Use the second half to secure the first half below the keyboard

The result:

Final result

MacGyver score: 6 out of 10