Post-mortem: Global Game Jam 2019

oz, 2019-02-17

This year's Global Game Jam (GGJ) marked my fifth attendance in a row and was both my most refreshing and challenging jam so far.

"what home means to you"

The theme did not resonate with me. The irony that I am on vacation, in my home town, on a weekend, participating in a GGJ, while my girlfriend waits at home, bogged my mind.

I had gameplay ideas, none of which seemed right considering the previous. As a result I ditched my ideas and started from scratch. Already 17 hours into the jam.

home is

Instead I followed the advice of the first pair of keynote speakers to create a game that tries to invoke everyday or unusual feelings.

I have spent ca. 16 hours working on the game, 24 out of the 48 jam hours I spent at home with my girlfriend. I consider this a great on-topic success! :)

Lessons learned to still deliver on time:

Meta: This post was conceived on a paper notebook, then typed on a phone. All while on a train. The process was really refreshing and helped focusing on the content.