Corona Sky

oz, 2020-08-23

Despite all the negative effects of Corona, I prefer to appreciate the novel experiences.

Corona Skies

Corona Sky

The European airspace is one of the most utilized on earth. Thus it is rare to look up the sky and not see any condensation trails.

Now, living in a city with a nearby airport, we have Corona skies, which I would define as:

The natural sky either clouded or cloudless without any signs of human flight.

Corona Sky panorama

Eventually, an increase in condensation trails may be a good metric on how much we are going "back to normal".

Dystopian Malls

Whenever getting supplies, there are recorded public announcements playing. The content always boils down to:

  1. Mind the government Corona laws
  2. Stay safe and healthy
  3. Enjoy and keep shopping


Digitization on Warp Speed

I was slightly ahead of the curve by working remotely in a distributed team, having read relevant literature before and ac. Due to the Corona situation, our company and team adapted quickly to full-remote and without problems.

There are studies on how much the Corona situation sped up digitization. Here's an example from our household:

The Soundtrack

Update 2022-03-11: all songs are also very suitable for staying sane in war propaganda times.



Update 2022-03-06: Lingua Coronae

In reference to Victor Klemperer's LTI, gathering primarily from the German media: