Software Development Talks Binge and Random Wisdom

oz, 2020-11-09

While researching for the previous blog post, I stumbled upon another J. B. Rainsberger talk on how accidental complications sabotage estimations, which is also excellent on a meta level since he hits his talk duration estimate on the second!

From there on the YouTube algorithm dragged me further into the maze...

Overwatch Gameplay Architecture and Netcode

How Overwatch implemented Entity Component System (ECS) as an architecture:

Some more:

If you take away one lesson from this talk let it be this: behaviors are much less complex if they are expressed in a single callsite, in which all major behavioral sideeffects are localized to that callsite.

Networking Scripted Weapons and Abilities in Overwatch

Predicted StatescriptPacket Mispredicted StatescriptPacket (screenshots from the talk linked above)

Roguelike Development

(from the Cogmind developer)

Here the binge ended, but more happened since the last blog post:

Softwerkskammmer Leipzig: Working From Home Special

Lean Coffee on remote work mostly due to Corona. When talking about "overcommunicating", we recalled documentation essentials:

Attention Economy

A nice video on the attention economy, social media selling attention of their users.

[...] a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention [...] -- Herbert A. Simon, 1971