My Online Chat Philosophy

oz, 2021-12-24

This post has been stuck in my "drawer" since September 2019. Drew DeVault's recent blog post on the same subject motivated me to finish and publish it!


Since April 2019 I've been working fully remote for ePages. Pre-COVID-19, I still visited the office once a while for important discussions, interviews, on-boarding and team lunches. When the west started reacting to the pandemic, it had pretty much no impact on my work situation.

For online chat, we use Mattermost. Further used knowledge management and communication tools are Confluence, Jira, GitHub and email. Before, I was writing a lot already and I am aware that over-communication is helpful in a remote environment.

My approach

... is pretty much the same as Drew's:

To me it seems, that sometimes those points are misunderstood by deciders introducing Slack o.s. to their organization and expecting communication problems to drop, maybe trying to get rid of email in the same stroke. Whereas chat tools are another helper from the box, they don't supersede face-to-face conversations, video calls, email, or proper writing, documentation and knowledge management.

Merry Christmas!