Grading Skills

oz, 2022-03-25
tools, cv

I always found "X years experience in Y" or "working with Z since year ABCD" or "EFG certified" not indicative of a person's skill whatsoever. Nevertheless, we still need to keep this style around for automated application screenings based on keywords and numbers.

Skill Matrix

Instead, I propose to grade skill level on further dimensions:

E.g. for programming languages:

Skill Years Exp. Certification Learning Productivity Mentoring
Python 13 - solo solo FOSS work
Java 14 OCP Java 11 team team via code reviews, FOSS work
JavaScript 5 - solo guided -

For tools, natural languages and other qualifications similar tables could be made.

Also, one should probably list, what one is not interested at all in and what one want to learn in the future (learning backlog).

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