DIY Sith and Jedi Lightsaber

oz, 2022-04-22
bicycle, paper

I always thought of myself more of a Jedi, but today I made a Sith lightsaber. Here's how.

Sith Lightsaber

Bill of Materials


Final Result

Final thing

With a little imagination, light shoots out of both sides when the pump or the "buttons" are pressed!

Suitable Sith Ship

(made that recently, you are welcome!)

Alternative uses

It's still an air pump for bicycles, just remove the shoe string and you can pump your rides!

Jedi Lightsaber

I got this as a present from my partner. It's from Muji:

Jedi Lightsaber with safety on

It's a manual paper shredder, because I always disliked the noise of the electric ones. Safety instructions are on the backside. You turn the handle above, put the paper in and paper scrabs come out at the bottom. Turning the handle feels like turning on a lightsaber! Again, add some black isotape and a loop at the bottom and imagine light coming out of the handle end, voila!

MacGyver score: 8.5 out of 10