The Dagger

oz, 2019-06-29

The Dagger is a light assault fighter.

Instructions (includes part list)

Rendered images

The Dagger: standing on its pedestals The Dagger: pedestals contracted The Dagger: diagonal rear view The Dagger: profile view from the left side The Dagger: profile view from the right side The Dagger: top view



The cockpit needed lots of iteration to increase pilot space. In the first version, the rear pedestals were hinged higher, had another design element and could not be fully submerged in the hull. I needed to place them lower to connect the front to the rear part of the spaceship to greatly increase sturdiness.

While digitalizing the model, I ran into two opportunities to swap parts and improve stability/design, stretching the whole process.

The real Dagger The real Dagger with a cargo pod attached The real Dagger using the Needle engine How a bulky pilot figure could also fit the cockpit The real Dagger with a small container attached to the side