Lego Designs

My own Lego creations ("MOCs") with background information and instructions.


The Mosquito The Wedge Good Industries Universal Pod The Needle The Square Falcon Good Industries Saucer The Dagger The Swallow Good Industries Commuter Combat Needle Good Industries Personal Pod The Shiv

Other Vehicles

Hover Scooter


60th Anniversary Models

Modular Rockets Crafty Miniboat Cloud Raider Pirate Ship El Presidente Orange Mech Cannon Boat

Alternative Builds and Modifications

Minecraft Ivory Ship Minecart Deluxe Lava Sails Dragon Rider Extended Satellite Service Mission Space Van


Models built only from old bricks:


Fictive abstraction over realism

Design approach:


All models are digitalized using BrickLink Studio.

Make sure to save regularly, since the software sometimes crashes under wine when making instructions!

Resize model photos:

mogrify -resize 1600 *.jpg

Resize thumbnails:

mogrify -resize 256 *.png

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