The Mosquito

oz, 2019-04-14

The Mosquito is a light scout and assault fighter, that is much valued by smugglers for its cargo lifting and modding capabilities.

Instructions (includes part list)

Rendered images

The Mosquito: diagonal front view The Mosquito: diagonal rear view The Mosquito: view from the right side



I built the first version in summer 2017. It started as a scooter, boat or submarine, inspired by motorcycles with sidecars. Since then, I iterated multiple times, improving stability, connection points, pilot space and aesthetics. It is still ones of my favorites due to the interesting asymmetry, small form factor and plenty of movable parts.

My Mosquito with pilot, bot and cargo My Mosquito with folded wing, bot and no cargo

2020 Edition

End of 2020 I iterated on the model again, minimizing the massive "nose" and making the front scaffold "stings" more prominent. The weapon assembly got another cannon.

2020 Mosquito with smaller nose, more prominent strings 2020 Mosquito from below 2020 Mosquito: cannon assembly 2020 Mosquito: cockpit assembly 2020 Mosquito: cockpit assembly from below